First of all, Chatbot Summit stands for connecting people and companies worldwide. On site are many stages, sessions and a lot of speakers.
You get the possibility to connect with hundreds of Chatbot enthusiasts! From founders to executives, digital experts, and data scientists – for everyone who makes up this newly forming digital economy. Chatbots are the next wave of digital revolution and the summit helps us to spread this message. In this blog post we want to announce what we experienced on the chatbot summit 2017. We, the bot lovers from Botential, went to Berlin and this is what our impressions look like:

Currently it is clear that the chatbot-community overall is still growing. Virtual assistants, who interact automatically with users, are not known yet, but are gaining in

importance because their potential is recognized slowly but surely.
Communication channels are more important than ever- especially if you don ́t need an additional channel accept your one you already have.
People are able to use their existing messengers, so chatbots can help to simplify interactions and can provide the customer with the quickest possible answers to his questions. And the best thing is you can reduce your costs for costumer service.

We presented and explained our chatbots and got positive feedback. Our recent projects include assistants for simplified shopping in fitting rooms like „Detego-Bot“, group organization („Xeet“) and the supported search for agricultural machinery in an online portal („Landwirt-Bot“). All of them are already on the market. Many were surprised that we can already earn money with chatbots, but you see it ́s possible.

In consideration of the entire software life cycle, we scale your business idea using the appropriate software. The development of innovative software applications such as mobile apps, web applications and chatbots are our first priority. Through experimental methodology we offer you support in the development of your business idea. Furthermore we build up contacts with our partners for you and offer you the chance to meet them.

We as Guid.New are a team of developers, architects, product experts and media designers with many years of practical experience.

Dive into the world of the bots and let yourself be inspired by the possibilities and the potential that lies in them.
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Thanks for this great and exiting day at the Chatbot Summit Berlin 2017.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.